Writing {Things I love}

I have to admit it's a love/hate relationship.  My ability to procrastinate rather than write is legendary.  But when you get into the zone, when the words are flowing, it's the greatest feeling in the world.

I have bad writing habits.  I sit on the couch, legs up and the laptop balanced on my lap.  Not the best ergonomics! Still it's the best way for me to write.

I'd love to be one of those cool kids who go to a hip cafe to write but that never ends up happening.  Instead I drink coffee and read the paper and do everything but write.  It's too distracting.  Plus I hate having all my stuff on the table then needing to go to the toilet and risk having it all stolen.

I do like writing on public transport.  If I'm on the train and it's quiet, I can write.  Many years ago, I'd write in my notebook every morning on the way to work.  I had notebooks full of "I hate my job..." scribblings so I kissed that shitty job goodbye.

I write better at night.  I have night owl tendencies anyway.  When I write, I drink coffee sometimes, other times big cups of tea.

How do you write?  Do you write in big chunks of time or a few moments stolen between other responsibilities?  What is your favourite time of day for writing?

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