How To Clear A Superchip Programmer

Clearing a cars superchip programmer sounds like a complicated task, but we’re here to show you just how simple it is.

Well, modern car engines operate through the use of a computer. These computers rely on chips to perform at high levels of efficiency. It is these chips that enable you to read the correct time and handle the turbo boost. They also allow you to keep an eye on fuel to air ratio as well as other things. Thus, they serve an integral role in the functioning of your vehicle.

Then there are the aftermarket chips available to adjust the parameters. They work on several aspects from the addition of torque to engine power. Some call them performance chips while others refer to them as superchips. For this article, we will refer to them as superchips. These chips come from different manufacturers, and they all have various claims to their names. Some makers state that their products can add on to gasoline engine power by massive amounts. And since people do want more power, they rely on these products.

How Do These Aftermarket Chips Work?

There is the factory chip that you will find in your car upon purchase. In it, there will be a lookup table where you can see how your engine would respond to various aspects. Let us take an example of where you are cruising along a highway at fifty miles an hour. Suppose you press the gas to the floor, you can tell what would happen by checking the table. It will be what the chip would do in such a case. And the chip relies on the table in its operations. Thus, it will use the information contained therein to decide how much gas goes to the engine. It will also alter the timings and the turbo boost. With a factory chip, all the operations are as per the table as given by the manufacturer.

Now, when you add a superchip to your car, things change.

First, the lookup table gets altered such that the parameters contained get to give you the most from your vehicle. You are thus able to enjoy a better fuel economy. Constraints to your car’s performance reduce and you get a better overall experience.

Installation Of The Superchips

Adding Superchips to your car is a straightforward task which you can handle by yourself. Sure, you could always refer to an expert in the field if you wish. However, there is no need for this, as you can follow simple instructions to have the chip in place.

You start by removing the cover under the dashboard. Here, you will find the factory chip which you can then remove and replace with the super chip. These chips are easy to find, and you can purchase them online. They vary as per the model, make and engine type of the car, and you should thus get one that matches the features of your vehicle.

The chips vary in cost. Where you are working with a budget, you could get one that costs about $300. Where you are looking for the best in the market regarding performance levels, you can get one for about $600. The best way to go in this regard is to use costs as the final determinant. Check to see what is in the market. And get a feel of what people have to say about the available options. Then use this information to make an informed decision.

Will A Superchip Void My Warranty?

There is a lot to consider before getting a superchip, and one crucial factor is your warranty. Yes, having a superchip in place will void your warranty. And this is one of the disadvantages of having a performance chip. It is thus necessary that you consider the different options before settling on one. It is only in this way that you can get what is right for your car and avoid any problems in the future.


Other than voiding your warranty, you should also consider the costs of insurance. Where you have a performance chip in place, it is highly likely that you will end up increasing the costs of your coverage. Plus, if you do not install the chip as required, your engine life could reduce, which would add to the maintenance costs. Also, note that where you live in a state where emissions get tested, having a performance chip could land you in trouble. Thus, you need to consider what is best for you regarding where you live.

However, on top of all these downsides, there is good that comes from the installation of these chips. They add to the performance of your car, and they result in reduced fuel economy. You get to enjoy increased engine response as well as added power. As long as you get a chip that works for your car, you should be good. Now, let us get into the fun part: the reset.dd

How To Reset A Superchip Programmer

Suppose you want to reset your programmer, you will require a super micro-tuner programmer. This gadget enables you to download new information to your car’s computer. Additionally, it allows you to store the original program for your vehicle. The adjustable parameters such as spark timing can get altered during the tuning process, where you wish to do this. Suppose you have used the programmer with the program from another vehicle maker, this gadget must undergo a reset. This move enables you to return your computer to its original state.

The first step is to connect the programmer to the diagnostic port. You will find it under the dash panel of your vehicle. Before connecting it, be sure to check if the ignition switch is off. Failure to do so can wreak havoc on this process.

You will find a key labeled> on the keypad. Press this once you see the ‘Begin with Ignition Off’ message on your screen. At this point, the programmer will prompt you with a question, stating ‘Return to Stock’ Choose the ‘Yes’ option.

Now, turn off the ignition switch. Then you will see a message prompt stating ‘Turn Ignition Off. Once you see this, proceed to press the > key on the keypad. This move will start the programmer memory.

A message will appear stating ‘Turn Ignition On Do Not Start Engine.’ When this happens, proceed to turn on the ignition switch. ‘Ready to Return to Stock’ will appear on the screen. Shortly afterward, you will see a message showing ‘Do Not Turn Off the Ignition.’ At this point, press the > key. Doing so will lead the programmer to reset to the preloaded program.

You can now turn off the ignition switch and proceed to disconnect the programmer from the diagnostic port. It is that easy. What happens when you want to reset a superchip Flashpaq? Read on for more details:

How Do You Reset A Superchip Flashpaq?

The superchip Flashpaq allows you to program the computer in your vehicle. In doing so, it locks itself to your car’s VIN. Where you wish to unlock it and use it in another car, there is a need to run a system update on the program. Suppose the software is locked and you are not the original owner, there is no reason to fret. You can get the device reset at a fee, courtesy of the service provider. Let us get started on this easy process.

The first thing you should do is to access the Superchips website. Once you load the page, look for a ‘Download Software’ link. It should be at the top of the page. Proceed with the download and install the Superchips SC Software.

Move on with the registration if this is your first time using the software. If you have used it at one point, you can log into your account with your details. Where the account is new, you will need the serial number on the Flashpaq. It is available at the back of the gadget.

Now, you can proceed with the reset which you can do through an update. Where you are not the original owner, you will require to provide payment options as an unlocking fee will apply.

Here is a tip that can make this task easy for you. Suppose the gadget is locked, you can contact Superchips by phone. Here, you can get hold of a representative who will give you the code you need to unlock the software. Thus, subsequent processes will be a breeze.

Can Superchips Flashcal Be Used On Multiple Vehicles?

You cannot use the Superchips Flashcal on more than one vehicle at the same time. You need to return the first car to stock before installing the software in another truck.

Using superchips in your car is an excellent idea if you wish to enjoy enhanced engine performance. And knowing how to reset the programs will enable you to get the most out of the chips. All the best!

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