Motorcycle Backpack Review

We have drawn on our vast knowledge of life on two wheels to present you the best motorcycle backpacks on the market today!

Whether you are searching for an elegant, practical, high-tech – or a mix of all three – you will surely find a backpack that suits your style and needs.

You have probably been using a backpack since the first day of elementary school.

It’s a simple enough concept – 2 straps, a bag, some internal pouches, and zippers.

Maybe your backpack featured your favorite superhero, or your best-loved wrestler, or even an intergalactic landscape of a hidden but powerful & magical force.

In any case, if you are currently reading this, there is a good chance that you have more than a little experience with a standard backpack.

However, it is much less likely that you have so much experience with backpacks that are specifically made for motorcyclists.

When you travel on a motorbike, lack of storage is a typical problem, especially if you don’t have saddlebags.

The solution to this problem is to use backpacks specifically designed for motorcyclists.

We did some research, and our buyers’ guide narrows down the best bags on the marketplace so you can spend less time searching for the ideal backpack and more time on the open roadway.

Types of Backpacks


There are hundreds of backpacks on the market, and they’re all geared towards specific purposes.

Those for basic purposes tend to be cheaper than top-quality, motorcycle-specific backpacks.

However, general-use backpacks are generally not developed to be used over protective riding equipment and aren’t consistently water-resistant.

They are also designed to carry the weight on the neck and shoulders, which can be uncomfortable for motorcyclists.


These backpacks are created for commuters who need to bring laptop computers, iPads, books, documents, and other supplies to and from work or school.

A motorbike commuter backpack ought to be water resistant, windproof, and have additional padding to safeguard your valuables.

They should also be compact, long lasting, and simple to carry, whether you’re on or off the bike.


A touring motorcycle backpack is tailored to individuals who do a great deal of long-distance rides.

If you plan on riding across the country, you need a backpack that’s big enough to hold a great number of things.

These kinds of bags normally have more storage compartments, side pockets, and extra functions compared to other kinds of backpacks.


If you’re the kind of rider who does motocross or travels frequently across rough or uneven surfaces, you’ll need a rugged backpack that can stand up to a great deal of bumps and weather conditions.

These bike backpacks come with additional support for added protection and tend to be on the smaller sized side.

List of Best Motorcycle Backpacks

PhotoBrandModelProduct DimensionsDetails
KLIMNac Pak Technical Backpack23 x 13 x 4 inchesView on Amazon
Urban DezireMen's Leather Vintage Roll On Laptop Backpack Rucksack14 x 4 x 24 inchesView on Amazon
AXO29103-65-000 Fluo-Orange/Black Commuter Backpack19.69 x 14.17 x 2.76 inchesView on Amazon
HuaChenVintage PU Leather Backpack15.6 x 10 x 3.6 inches
View on Amazon
KriegaKRU20 Backpack15 x 28 x 47 cmView on Amazon
OGIO123008.36 No Drag Mach 1 Motorcycle Backpack19" H x 12.5" W x 6.5"View on Amazon
OGIORenegade RSS Backpack15.5"H x 10.5"W x 1"DView on Amazon
Cali Crusher100% Smell Proof Backpack19 x 14 x 2.5 inchesView on Amazon
WAY ONELeather Backpack for Men14.96 x 14.17 x 2.36 inchesView on Amazon
CRAZY ANTSMilitary Tactical Backpack22"x12"x7.5"View on Amazon
DatsusaraVintage Canvas Rucksack Backpack19"H x 13"W x 8"D (View on Amazon
OakleyMen's Kitchen Sink Backpack20 H x 14 W x 8 D inchesView on Amazon
XD DesignUrban Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack27 x 36 x 3 cmView on Amazon
MotoCentricmotorcycle leather waterproof backpack18.3 x 11.9 x 3 inchesView on Amazon
CortechSuper 2.0 Backpack with Built In Helmet Strap19.3 x 14 x 8 inchesView on Amazon

Best Motorcycle Backpacks 2021 | Top 15


1. KLIM Nac Pak

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This bag is fantastic for enduro riding. It’s not too bulky and is just the right size.

The zipper pullers are glove-friendly, and the bag is made of heavy-duty nylon.

It’s also compatible with a three-liter hydrapak.

It doesn’t have a waist belt, but it fits great, feels safe, and provides very good freedom of motion on your bike.

This backpack brings all the fundamentals you need for riding and other activities.

It has a pocket for your goggles along with a removable, water-resistant tool pack.

It’s big enough to hold small or medium-sized laptops and features reflective materials for presence.

It also has race-inspired shoulder straps and side straps.

One drawback is that the water bladder isn’t included. Also, the compartment on the front will fit some phones, but gadgets larger than a standard iPhone 6 or 7 most likely won’t fit in that pocket.


2. Urban Dezire Leather Vintage Roll On Backpack

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If you like strong, no-frills, and retro design, then the Urban Dezire is the motorcycle backpack for you. It may appear compact, but its sides are expandable, and a roll-top provides you with additional volume.

Within its lined interior are 2 cushioned dividers and 2 zipped compartments.

This backpack can hold a laptop computer, a load of paperwork, or a change of clothes for a weekend jaunt.

The leather is solid, double-stitched, and buckles are practical instead of ornamental.

The finish is a little rough, but at this price, you can’t go wrong, as the more kicked-in it gets, the better it will look.


3. AXO Red Commuter Backpack

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The biggest benefit of this backpack is that it can hold a full-face helmet or a smaller helmet plus additional clothing in its big compartment.

You can also fit a 15-inch laptop inside. It’s light-weight, made of strong material, and the straps are thick enough that it’s comfy to wear on long-distance rides. It feels steady and sits high up on your back.

While it’s not waterproof, it does keep a great deal of moisture from leaking through.

It’s made from durable nylon and features mesh side pockets for extra storage for items such as water bottles along with adjustable straps for extra security.

It comes in black, red, and blue.

One potential issue is that the straps might be somewhat too short for some individuals, and the front strap, when buckled, can be a little tight. Additionally, it does not have a great deal of pockets nor reflective piping.

There have also been some problems with the zippers breaking with time.


4. Vintage PU Leather large Backpack

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Underneath its unusual buckles are magnetic poppers, and your personal belongings are stored safely thanks to a durable zip mechanism.

Finished in black with brown details, this is a handsome, practical backpack that you can get for a bargain-basement price.

This typically designed backpack is made using artificial leather, and apart from being veggie-friendly, is also showerproof.

The interior functions as a cushioned laptop sleeve and has 2 additional pockets within the big primary compartment.

Externally, you’ll find a zipped pocket on either side, a large front pocket, and a vertical, zippered stash pocket.

The lightly padded shoulder straps are adjustable, and there is an air flow back-panel for convenience.


5. Kriega R20 Backpack KRU20

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With a track record of quality and style, the Kriega R20 is the most costly backpack on our list. Built from 420D rip-stop nylon, with 1000D Cordura and Hypalon reinforcement, this is one fierce backpack.

On top of overall quality there are YKK zips utilized wherever possible, and the Quadloc-lite harness alone is worth the cost.

The shoulder harness is designed to give you maximal liberty of motion and has additional sternum and waist straps for overall riding comfort.

Its modular style makes it easy to firmly attach other Kriega packs, adding to total capacity.


6. Ogio No Drag Mach 1 Backpack

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This commuter bag offers a great amount of space and is also expandable. It includes various compartments for organizing different items.

In addition, it opens on the opposite side compared to a normal backpack, so if it gets unzipped while riding, your items won’t fall out easily.

When it rains this backpack does a great job of keeping its contents dry. Additionally, its single-shot molded exterior provides a streamlined look.

This backpack has an additional pocket for shoes, a helmet carry strap, a fleece-lined electronic devices pocket, a protective compartment for laptop computers (approximately 15 inches), and is extremely aerodynamic.

The bag is weather-resistant and features adjustable, ergonomic and cushioned shoulder straps. It also has a body-conforming shoulder gasket.

Although you can utilize the readily available space to the max, the backpack is still extremely compact.

Those who are always bringing some extra stuff on their drives might find it too small for their needs.

The inner compartments are also a little snug.

You’ll have the option to fit a 15-inch laptop, but not without some effort.


7. OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

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The Ogio backpack is made of polyester and offers a great deal of storage space.

This design is in fact one of the biggest on our list, with numerous compartments and pockets for your essentials.

There are also external pockets designed with accessibility in mind.

In addition, the backpack features cushioned shoulder straps made for ultimate comfort.

If you’re searching for a versatile backpack you can use on daily commutes and short trips, the Ogio one might be a perfect fit for you.

It’s a rugged item developed to last and protect your personal belongings.

Thanks to the incorporated foam panels, you’ll have the ability to store electronics and other valuables and transfer them anywhere with the strongest protection.

However, before you make the purchase, it’s very important to consider the size of the laptop compartment.

Despite the item description specifying that the compartment can accommodate a 17-inch laptop, this compartment is not that big.

Likewise, the stitching is not actually long lasting.

It may wear out rather quickly, depending on the weight of loads and the level of day-to-day abuse.


8. Cali Crusher 100% Smell Proof Water Proof Backpack

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Utilizing activated carbon and thermal linings, this backpack is an outstanding addition to your riding set as its materials are weather-resistant and highly flexible.

Inside you’ll find a zippered laptop compartment in addition to 2 internal pockets.

Such odor-concealing backpacks are popular on the West Coast.

If you find yourself transferring anything highly aromatic (such as Stilton cheese or old fish) this is the backpack for you.

Thanks to the roll- top design, its carrying capacity is greatly boosted, and it is secured with water-resistant zips.


9. ONE WAY – Vintage Leather and Canvas Backpack

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This backpack has an Alpine climber feel.

The retro vibe is something which each part of this pack gives away, with a combination of water and abrasion-resistant canvas and aged top-grain leather inserts.

The inside consists of 3 segregated compartments. The laptop and tablet pockets are secured via a Velcro strap.

On the outside, there are 2 side pockets and one big front pocket.

A drawstring keeps the primary compartment safe, and each of the external pockets is protected by buttoned leather straps.

Shoulder straps are padded, and the base includes a versatile insert, which guarantees the pack keeps its shape.

On the side of this backpack you can find a concealed USB and earphone jack.


10. Crazy Ants Military Tactical Backpack

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Several things make this backpack very appealing to motorcycle riders.

To start with, its big storage space allows you to store a lot of items at once, ranging from shoes to battery chargers.

Secondly, the padded back panel and cushioned straps ensure convenience on longer rides.

The extra functions such as external pockets and molle webbing only add to its user-friendly style.

A tactical backpack is always a good choice for motorcycle riders since it provides a high level of protection.

This particular design from Crazy Ants is designed to endure demanding circumstances and protect your belongings at all times.

It’s waterproof and very long lasting, particularly when you consider the economical price it comes at.

You’ll still need to make some compromises at this price.

For instance, the zippers are not of the very best quality and come off easily. You’ll probably need to replace them after some use.

Also, the waist strap can’t be removed, which is a drawback because it might be too tight for some.


11. Datsusara Vintage Hemp and Organic Cotton Canvas Backpack

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Similar to a vintage military kitbag, the simple design of the Datsusara ensures easy finding of equipment.

Its large front pocket and 2 side pockets are secured with button fasteners, while the primary opening has a drawstring closing system.

This bag backpack is quite deep.

When making the most of its large size, adjustable straps allow the wearer to secure the flap to secure its contents.

Being made from a hemp and an organic cotton mix, it’s anti-microbial and friendly to the environment.


12. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

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Famous for their sunglasses, Oakley also produces remarkable backpacks that are ideal for motorcyclists.

The Kitchen Sink has everything you need, ranging from numerous zipped external pockets to a special hard shell compartment for breakable items.

Its main compartment is lockable, and anchor points on the front allow wearers to latch-on extra equipment.

Its shoulder straps and formed back section are properly padded and fitted with sternum and waist belts. The bag’s bottom compartment with drain ports is ideal for storing damp weather equipment.


13. XD Design Urban Anti-Theft BackpackXD Design Urban Anti-Theft Backpack

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This pack has good water resistance and is made from strong materials.

There’s a covert charge card pocket in the strap and an additional concealed pocket in the back of the pack.

Inside, you’ll find a separate laptop computer sleeve, but that’s it, so if you’re an information freak who likes compartments, you’re not in luck.

If security is a priority, take a look at the XD.

Both the product and its strap are cut-proof, there are no external pockets, and the roll-top is lockable.

On top of the obvious security advantages, the XD also makes a good bike-pack.

The front freight compartment is big enough to hold a crash helmet, and behind its padded shoulder straps is a heavy-duty horizontal baggage strap that is just the right size to slide over a motorcycle sissy bar.


14. MotoCentric Motorcycle Leather Backpack

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A stylish and practical motorbike backpack is difficult to find, especially at a low price. Luckily, MotoCentric decided to meet the needs of bike riders who are on a minimal budget.

This design was created for outdoor use and guarantees comfortable rides at all times.

The thing that makes this backpack stand out and favored amongst users is its multi-functional approach – you can use its external and internal compartments in various ways, depending on the situation.

There are also numerous additional compartments and pockets you can use to store your 14-inch laptop computer, clothes, shoes, and all kinds of small items.

It’s extra padded back provides the needed comfort and keeps the backpack in place during rides, while the material it’s made from allows air to flow through it to prevent.

It’s also water resistant to a good degree.

On top of that, there’s a reflective strip on the exterior to keep you visible and safe on the road.

However, we suggest checking the backpack dimensions before purchasing it.

It ends up being smaller than expected, so you might be disappointed with its load capability.

With regards to the overall design, the only problem we’ve encountered is the lack of smoothness in zippers.

They are hard to open and close, although they probably soften up a bit after some use.


15. Cortech Super 2.0 Backpack With Built-in Helmet Strap

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The feature-packed Cortech Super 2.0 is designed for the motorcyclist on the go. Its external shoulder straps and back are well padded, and there is a waist and sternum strap.

The front features subtle yet effective reflective piping and provides access to the large main compartment.

Inside is a padded laptop computer sleeve with a number of compartments.

Two extra standout functions are the water bladder pocket and a hide-away ‘helmet house’.

Made from 1680 ballistic grade polyester, this backpack is tough and waterproof. With its locking zips, there’s absolutely nothing to flap around.


Final Thoughts

Our choice for the best motorcycle backpack is the KLIM Nac Pak.

It’s big enough to fit a medium-sized laptop and works with a three-liter hydrapak. It also fits really well and provides you with great freedom of motion when riding.

If you’re looking for a more economical option, you should consider the AXO Red Commuter Backpack.



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