Motorcycle Goggles Review 2021

A single second of lost focus may cause a rider to lose balance or potentially crash, and when something flies into your eyes – you’re bound to lose focus.

Riding a bike is an efficient and fun way to get around; no one can deny that.

At the same time, there’s no denying that keen attention is required while riding a bike.

When we consider high speeds and dust particles flying around during a bike ride, it’s quite obvious that something can fly into any rider’s eyes at any moment.

That’s why we wrote this short article about some of the best bike goggles out there, which contains all the details you need to buy the right product.


Why Use Goggles?


You might think about using regular sunglasses, but you should know that sunglasses aren’t as effective as goggles.

So, for personal safety and that of others, every bike rider needs to seriously consider using goggles.

On top of debris and particles flying around, sunlight can also pose some problems for bike riders, as the flashing sun can quickly blur your vision.

Goggles can also protect the delicate skin underneath the eyes from damaging sun rays and help preserve healthy eyesight.

Therefore, motorcycle glasses are a vital component of any bike rider’s safety equipment, and while wearing them is not a legal requirement, the most experienced riders almost always choose to, because of the huge range of benefits they offer:

Protection from Debris

A great pair of safety glasses keep your eyes safe from flying pieces of debris that can be snapped towards your face by the tires of your bike.

This could be small stones, clods of dirt, or even garbage such as plastic fabrics.

Protection from the Weather

Stinging rain, hail, and snow can wreak havoc with your field of vision when they hit your eyes at high-speed, and goggles are a simple but effective way to combat this.

Protection from the Wind

The wind that works up throughout high speed rides can also do an unexpected amount of damage to your eyes.

Wind can quickly dry out your eyes, which is not only uncomfortable but also increases the threat of developing blurred vision and eye infections over time.

Protection from the Sun

Goggles often function as sunglasses as well, meaning they filter out potentially harmful UV rays from the sun.

In addition to making your journey more comfortable, this protection also reduces the risk of conditions such as cataracts and corneal sunburn.

List of  Top 10 Motorcycle Goggles

BobsterPhoenix Otg Goggles
Anti-Fog CoatingView on Amazon
Polarized Motorcycle Riding GlassesPolarized foamView on Amazon
GGBuyMotorcycle Goggles Vintage Anti Fog Pilot PU Leather GlassesHigh Quality Polyethylene ABS FrameView on Amazon
Bobster Cruiser 2 GogglesOPEN CELL FOAMView on Amazon
Global VisionRed Baron Motorcycle/Aviator Goggles Day NightUV400 Filter for Maximum UV ProtectionView on Amazon
SHOTShot Mens Assault Roll Off Off-Road Goggles -Scratch Resistant Coating
View on Amazon
Global Vision
Eliminator Motorcycle GogglesAnti-Fog Coating
View on Amazon
OakleyO Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle GogglesImpact-resistant Lexan lensView on Amazon
Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Pilot Leather Riding GlassesScratch Resistant Coating
View on Amazon
All Weather Protective Shatterproof Polycarbonate Motorcycle Riding Goggle GlassesAir Defog TechnologyView on Amazon

Top 10 Motorcycle Goggles Review


1. Bobber OTG Phoenix

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These are known to be great, and probably seal the deal for a great number of people right off.

They come with three different lenses you can switch between, allowing you to adapt to various lighting conditions.

They have a flexible polyurethane frame with soft, absorbent neoprene edges, and this is part of the reason why we consider these glasses to be amongst the most comfortable on this list.



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If you keep them safe from scratching and breaking, these glasses work just great and provide crystal clear vision to the person wearing them.

To help you with keeping them safe, the glass on these goggles is made from top-notch synthetic materials which ensure that these remain in top-notch condition.

Besides standard lenses, this brand offers a neutral gray lens which can increase the clarity of vision and is ideal for daytime use.

They also offer copper-colored lenses that you can use instead of shaded lenses, as they serve the same purpose.

Several tests have been performed to challenge their resistance, and they came out triumphant.

The user will get four different lenses for different occasions, and they can all be used with the same frame. So there’s no need to carry three different frames.

Changing the lenses is extremely simple, and it does not affect the cushioning at all.

Speaking of which, the whole eye surface has foam cushioning for a better fit.

The goggle arms fold with ease and are exceptionally versatile.


3. Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Anti Fog Pilot PU Leather Glasses

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Their foam cushioning is versatile enough to fit various head shapes and sizes, and the organic materials used for their making offer decent protection from moisture.

We’ve seen them worn under retro-style helmets as well, and they look pretty good.

While the build of these goggles is exceptional and the material quality is top-notch, they aren’t going to be for everyone on account of their price.

These are absolutely not motocross-style goggles and look best with classic, open-face helmets.


4. Bobster Cruiser 2 Goggles

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Bobster’s trendy safety glasses include three sets of easy-to-change polycarbonate lenses: smoked, amber, and transparent.

Swapping them out is quick and convenient, allowing you to go from day to evening to night with no inconvenience.

These goggles are also developed with helpful ventilation slits on each side, to prevent them from fogging up and give you the best possible visibility.

The extra anti-fog finish also contributes to a pair of safety glasses that stand up against misting even on the rainiest days.

Thanks to an UV-resistant layer, their lenses are also effective in protecting your eyes against the Sun’s harmful rays, in addition to any flying dust particles, dirt, flies, and other debris you may come across when you’re on the road.

Finally, Bobster understands that comfort is important, so it created its safety glasses to fit comfortably to your face by making use of open-cell foam – a soft, light material that helps remove excess sweat as well.


5. Red Baron

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A significant reason to wear motorbike goggles over glasses is that regular glasses may not be able to withstand the high speeds a bike ride entails and fall off.

They also don’t offer much protection from dust. Red Baron, on the other hand, offers goggles that have none of those issues.

If it becomes too bright out there, you also have the option of using shaded lenses.

Their shading is enough to reduce sunlight intensity, but they still provide you with a clear view.

The lenses aren’t interchangeable, but they are scratch-resistant.

The best part of this set is that it uses straps instead of goggle arms, and these bands ensure that the lenses won’t fall off at any time.

This allows the wearer to run over any bumps or reach high speeds without worrying that the glasses will come off.

The bands come in various sizes so that they always fit the user’s head correctly.

The brand offers a reasonable deal of two kinds of lenses, a clear one and a shaded one, both with straps for handles.

The clear lens works just great for both day and night use.

Equipped with UV protection, this set really gives you outstanding goggle protection and has foam cushioning as well.

Sometimes, lenses can get misty due to the wearer’s breathing, which can be harmful at times; for that reason, there are ventilation areas around the padding which ensure that the lens remains clear.


6. Shot Assault MX Goggle

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Front ventilation, anti-scratch lenses, and compatibility with other detachable lenses (transparent, removable coverings) make these a surprisingly excellent option at their price.

These goggles’ cushioning is adequate and the frame has enough versatility to maintain comfort on long trips.

These goggles use an adjustable silicone woven strap to provide more comfort and grip, and there is a noticeable difference when you compare them to regular straps.

You also get 8 color options to help you match them with the rest of your gear.

Easy to recommend at the price, however, make certain they’ll fit with your present helmet before buying.


7. Global Vision Eyewear Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles

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They’re readily available in 8 different frame and lens colors, ensuring there’s something for everybody.

Users especially love the dark lenses, which successfully keep the sun at bay even on the brightest days.

Finally, thanks to their ergonomic design, which streams with the contours of your face, they’re comfy to use, ensuring you aren’t sidetracked from the roadway ahead even on long journeys.

These riding glasses feature shatterproof and scratch-resistant lenses equipped with an anti-fog and UV-resistant finishing.

All these features are housed in attractive frames, and the soft foam padding makes them comfy to wear for long stretches of time.

They also have side vents to keep things from misting up.


8. Oakley O Frame Goggles

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Oakley has a reputation for making high-quality, premium-priced sunglasses, so we expected these goggles to include cutting-edge tech and come at a relatively high-cost point.

However, these are not expensive and they are a tried and real classic– popular for their wide viewing angle, outstanding moisture protection, and great weather conditions resistance.

Not what we were expecting, but still an exceptional set of motorcycle goggles.

Comfort is something they thought about, giving you a versatile frame and triple-layer foam cushioning.


9. Cynemo Motorcycle Goggles

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Lenses are geared up with innovative defog technology, that gets rid of the annoying particles which can usually get stuck in the goggles.

This helps in lowering eye irritation too.

Their frames are sturdy and comfortable, but lightweight at the same time.

This means there won’t be any foggy or watery areas on your lenses even if you let your goggles dry without swiping them.

However, it is always wise to clean your lenses from time to time.

These lenses can also be found in different frames.

A common issue with bikes is that a change in weather conditions can easily create problems for the rider, which is why they constantly need to carry protective equipment which can withstand any weather condition.

If that holds true, their safety glasses should also be weatherproof, and these guys produce just the kind.

This model also offers 3 various lens sets for different uses.

There is a smoke lens for blocking harsh sunshine during the daytime; a clear lens equipped with UV technology for smooth sailing during the nighttime, and a yellow lens that improves clarity and can be used whatever the time of day.

Rain, wind, or hail won’t let you know when they plan on coming, and if they do so mid-ride, they could destroy your glasses.

However, this product can withstand rain and wind with ease as it lets the water leak right off the surface area and allows no water stain marks.


10. MLC Eyewear Motorcycle Riding Goggle Glasses

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MLC are pros when it comes to manufacturing terrific quality bike glasses.

This trine all-weather bike riding goggle set features colorless, amber, and gray lenses, making them a great option no matter the time of day. With their built-in defog technology, they keep your vision clear even on those rainy days.

The gap-foam cushioning forms a snug seal around your face, keeping both wind and debris out, and they also have impact-resistant lenses.

Thanks to their lightweight style, along with the convenient padding, they’re comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

They also provide outstanding UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from more than just bugs!


Our Top Pick


When it comes to picking the best of the best, we like the Global Vision Eyewear Eliminator Motorcycle Goggles.

We consider these our top pick because they’re comfortable, straightforward, and sold in a pack of three.

For one affordable price, you get three pairs of motorcycle goggles that’ll perfectly suit your every need.

Each pair is padded for extra comfort while you ride, and they feature different lens colors so you can switch up your style on every trip.

They offer UV protection too, thanks to a special coating.

With durable polycarbonate lenses, these motorcycle goggles offer peace of mind as well – you can hit the road without worrying about what you and your eyes might be up against.

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