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The 9 Best Automotive Gifts under $25 for Valentines Day 2022

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Leather Care Kit (16 Oz) (2 Items)


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Not only will the interior of your car LOOK great with clean conditioned leather seats, it will also SMELL great.

Then you can also use it on any other leather you want to look clean and smell new.  It made my car seats look so good, I tried it on my leather jacket and it was a miracle!  It gets into the pores of the leather and lifts out dirt and oils and the conditioner contains vitamin E to make the leather look new and protect it from UV damage.

Try it on shoes and sneakers and belts and sofas!  A little goes a long way…a great value!

Scratch and Swirl Remover – Ultimate Car Scratch Remover – Polish & Paint Restorer – Easily Repair Paint Scratches, Scratches, Water Spots!

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Another item that will make your car look great, even if it is a little – shall we say – dated.

No shame in that, when you transform your car from “a little rough around the edges” to “vintage”.


Cleaning Gel for Car Detailing – Universal Dust Cleaner Gel Vent Cleaner Keyboard Cleaner for Laptop

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this stuff is awesome, like magic, you can get into those spots that always embarrass you when the sun hits them just right.


Car Gift Wrapping Bow with 20 ft Car Ribbon

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Maybe you bought that someone special a CAR for Christmas?

Probably not, but maybe after you finish rubbing out the scratches and cleaning the leather seats of your dads car after a particularly festive night out with the boys, maybe you can give him his car BACK for Christmas, and wrap it up with a bow to make it extra special.


Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with AAA Battery, 150 PSI

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A great gift to make sure you and your family are driving on safe tires, no more guessing what the pressure is.  Read it out digitally and fill up those tires properly!


Car Rudolph Reindeer Kit – Auto Holiday Accessories


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Come on, that’s just fun…you know you have always wanted one, so just get it.

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Pair of Retro Mirror Hanging Fuzzy Plush Dice for Car Interior


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I don’t know why this isn’t the number one item on your list.  When I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for her car, the first thing she said was Fuzzy Dice.  They come in a bunch of different colors, so let your freak flag (I mean dice) fly (I mean hang from your rear view mirror)


4 PCS Car Essential Oil Diffuser Vent Clip, Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Stainless Steel Locket with 44 Refill Pads


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I really like these.  They look great, and then make your car smell like a spa day, and who doesn’t like a spa day! Perfect to match with your kaftan!


[2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, With 4 Metal Plates


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Tired of your phone sliding across the dash board and on to the floor and  all the way to the corner where you can’t reach it?  You take off your seat belt, but you can’t quite get your finger tips on it, so you dive for it and hope you don’t swing the car into on coming traffic…

Get a couple of these…and give one to the person on your list!  This will keep your phone securely in front of you, without the mess and commitment of adhesives on your dash.

These are the ones I prefer, because it holds on to the vent better than the  clip on models that release mechanically.  It also comes with extra plates so you can use it with multiple devises.

This is about the best and most practical stocking-stuffer on the list!

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