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Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Covers Here: Comparison & Personal Piece of Advice!

Searching for the Best Tonneau Cover?

“An accessory for vehicles with open spaces for decades, the tonneau cover was designed to protect the contents of your vehicle from the elements, add security, and improve its appearance with a simple install. They’ve also been shown to improve gas mileage by reducing drag caused by improving the aerodynamics of your truck.”

While commonly seen on pickups today, in their original incarnation tonneau covers were used for another application altogether. When they were first brought into the automotive scene, they were used to protect the seats in convertibles and roadsters when they weren’t in use by passengers, providing protected storage as a bonus.

List & Comparison of Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Covers:

TruXedo 256801TruXedo 256801More Information
Extang 2870Extang 2870More Information
Lund 99883Lund 99883More Information
Extang 83830Extang 83830More Information
Tonno Pro 42-501Tonno Pro 42-501More Information

It was also found that vehicles that had covers like these were able to benefit from improved gas mileage thanks to an improvement in their aerodynamics. Today they are commonly found on trucks of all sizes and come in a remarkable range of sizes, styles, and materials.

The three classes of tonneau cover include hardcover, softcover, and hybrid covers and can be made of aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and other materials. For extra security, many models come with locks to secure your belongings. The term tonneau originally referred to casks of wood or other materials that were used for storing liquids, especially adult beverages.

When I bought my Toyota Tacoma, I knew that a tonneau cover was going to be a required accessory for the way I intended to use my new truck.

Review of the Best Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Covers:

1. TruXedo 256801 TruXport Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 2015 Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

A high-quality roll-up tonneau cover for a Toyota Tacoma featuring a dual-latch system to ensure ease of use by a single person. This tonneau cover is a great way to protect the interior of your truck bed and the items you carry without breaking the bank. No drilling or cutting is required to attach it to your truck thanks to its snap and go design.

The vinyl cover is held in place with high-strength Velcro that prevents flapping and helps keep everything tight and secure. No need to adjust the tension strength thanks to an automatic tension control. 15” of vertical space is available under the tonneau cover.

First Impressions

My favorite thing about this tonneau cover straight off was how easy it was to attach to my truck. It took absolutely no time at all to get it on and ready to go. I also liked the way the automatic tension control helped keep everything taut and looking great while protecting what was under it.

It seemed perfectly suited to keeping all the things I carried clean and out of the weather, though I knew it wasn’t going to provide a huge amount of security.


  • Dual-latch secure system
  • High-quality velcro


  • Automatic Tension System To Ensure Optimum Tightness
  • Easy to attach to the vehicle

2. Extang 2870 Blackmax Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 2004 Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

As soft as a changing pad cover for a baby, this soft tonneau cover features an easy to use a snap-down design that ensures you’ll be able to get at the contents of your vehicle in no time at all. The bows are spring-loaded to ensure that it’s easy to remove quickly and easily, while the snap-stoppers keep it secure for transporting items.

The tail rail comes with a secure and releases design that requires no tools to use. Bows and snaps are adjustable to ensure the tarp remains tight no matter what the conditions are.

First Impressions

Not a secure form of tonneau cover when it comes to theft, but otherwise its an incredible option for protecting the contents of your truck from the weather. Regardless of pounding rain or scorching sun kept my equipment free from damage or rust, and that was a huge benefit all in itself.

I was even able to safely carry my duffle bag of clothes in the back without them getting wet in spite of driving through heavy rain.


  • Snap-down design
  • Roll-up Storage


  • Adjustable bows and snaps

3. Lund 99883 Genesis Elite Seal & Peel Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for 2004-2006 Toyota Tundra | Fits 6′ Bed

The Lund Genesis Elite Seal & Peel tonneau cover features a low-profile, premium quality twill cover that is virtually maintenance free. Cleaning is easy, just rinse with water and let dry. A patented latching and tensioning system ensures a perfect, adjustment-free fit. The luxurious twill cover conforms perfectly to the truck bed’s contours and seamlessly seals using a tongue-in-groove closure system. The Genesis Elite Seal & Peel comes pre-assembled and mounts quickly to your truck bed with no-drill, pre-marked rails and heavy-duty adjustable clamps. Additionally, when in use, the cover helps improve the overall aerodynamics of your vehicle, thereby reducing drag and increasing fuel economy.

First Impressions

Simple and straight-forward this tonneau cover had a design I hadn’t seen before. The seal and go design was ideal for someone who wanted to get in and out of their truck bed without a fuss. All I had to do was lay the cover down and run a hand along with the seals, and it was ready for a long drive.

It does lack any kind of serious security against theft, but it seemed to work perfectly adequately for rain and other weather concerns.


  • Low-profile, soft tonneau cover features a luxurious HAARTZ maintenance-free, twill weave material with a lightly-textured matte black finish
  • Cover seals using a tongue-and-groove closure system; Rolls up to allow full bed access with integrated ties to secure cover in the open position


  • Quick and easy to access
  • Seal is weatherproof

4. Extang 83830 Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 2017 Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

This folding tonneau cover provides durability, security, and beauty, all in one simple package. One of the easiest to assemble models on the market it just needs to be removed from the package and snapped down on your truck to get on the road. Thermoplastic skin is strong enough to protect the contents of your truck while remaining light enough to be easy to access.

The hinge caps and corners are designed with a polymer rubber while the panels and hinges ensure that it remains simple to open. Get peace of mind by knowing that the contents of your truck are protected from rain and intruders alike.

First Impressions

Not… All… Hype… That’s the first thing I want you to know about this tonneau cover, that everything they say about it is true. It was an absolute breeze to assemble, something which I’ve been led astray on with other folding tops.

It’s durable enough to protect against any kind of weather, light enough to be easy to access, and secure enough to protect my tools on the road. It’s also capable of being used in conjunction with a toolbox, something which made it stand apart from its contemporaries.


  • Folding Mechanism
  • Thermoplastic Skin


  • Easy to assemble
  • Opens and closes smoothly

5. Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-501 TRI-FOLD Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – 2006 Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

This tonneau cover brings the convenience of a trifold system with the lightweight and easy to use the design of a soft-cover. Designed to fit all models of Toyota Tacoma from 2005-2015 that have a 5’ bed, this cover is sure to improve the look of your truck. Easy to assemble and operate, you’re sure to love what this brings to your vehicle.

First Impressions

This tonneau cover was a great addition to my truck and would have been the one I went with if I hadn’t decided that hardcover was the right way to go. It was easy to put on the truck, simple to operate, and was able to provide a respectable amount of protection from weather and prying eyes.

Any determined thief would be able to get into it without issue, however, since the top was soft vinyl. All that aside it does come with a securing mechanism, it just can’t make the vinyl immune to a knife, and I work in some pretty rough neighborhoods.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality folding design


  • Easy to operate
  • Included security lock


How To Pick A Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover

When you get ready to pick a tonneau cover for your truck, there are many factors to consider. Among these is the material from which the tonneau cover will be made, whether you want one that locks or not, and the style of access your selection will choose.

Regardless of what variety you pick you’re going to get the benefit of improved gas mileage, protection from the weather, and a sleek new look for your truck.

When deciding what options will be right for you, it’s important to consider the type of weather you’ll be facing with your truck, as well as what you’ll be carrying with you. Both of these elements will determine what kind of material you want your tonneau cover made from.

Fiberglass and aluminum cover offers a superior level of security for expensive equipment and is more likely to withstand certain types of weather. While there are locking vinyl covers, they’re not going to stop a determined thief as a simple knife will have them into the bed of the truck.

Another consideration is how frequently you’ll be needing to get access to the items stored in your truck. Roll-up covers are perfect for those in need of quick access, although sectional tonneau covers can also provide a great way to get at your truck bed a section at a time.

Both of these options come in hard and softcover varieties to provide convenience and protection in equal measure. Retractable covers are another option and roll up out of the way with the push of a button.

Folding tonneau covers are another option, and can be particularly versatile when combined with a hybrid folding/sectional tonneau that can either be opened in sections or folded completely out of the way.

If you’re looking for the highest possible security for your truck bed, then you’ll want to look at a one-piece aluminum cover with a built-in locking mechanism. Their solid construction means it will take a particularly determined thief to get into your truck bed and can be matched to the color of your truck to provide a cohesive style that you can be proud of.

Another option that exists is particularly good for those in the construction industry. There are tonneau covers that come with built-in toolboxes or can accommodate existing toolboxes in your truck bed.

Tonneau covers are a versatile and powerful option you can add to your truck to make sure its capable of anything you need it for. That’s why I decided to pick up one for my Toyota Tacoma.

I often worked on construction jobs far from home and knew that a tonneau cover would protect the gear I carried in the bed of my truck as well as peace of mind over its security. Below are the options I considered in my search for the perfect cover.


There you have it, the five tops I was considering during my search for a tonneau for my Toyota Tacoma. I ultimately went with the Extang model on this search due to its hardcover design. There were just too many hazards on the road for me to consider to go without that level of strength and security.

For the casual user or someone who’s just concerned about protecting their cargo from rain and weather, the soft-cover options would be excellent choices. They do provide a notable degree of protection provided you’re just interested in “keeping honest people honest” as my dad used today. I hope this guide has been of some use to you in your search for a tonneau cover.

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